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Have you ever been on a manatee tour? If not, this is the best way through which you can spend your holidays. Not only is it fun to swim with the manatees, but you also get to learn a lot about these amazing creatures. One of the destinations that you can enjoy the best manatee tour is in the crystal River FI. You should book a tour with one of the best manatee tour guides if you want to enjoy a great tour.

Humans are their only threat to survival

It is true. No sea animal threatens the manatee; even sharks give way to them. However, human beings are the only creatures that can kill or cause injury to the manatees with the boats that they use. Also, through the disposal of harmful waste materials into the sea, human beings have led caused death to the sea vegetation on which the manatees feed on.

They are harmless

It is not common to come across a sea animal that does not pose any danger to human beings, but the manatee falls in this category. They are not able to use their teeth to attack and are usually not capable of being aggressive. As a result, you can be assured of having the best manatee tour without the worry of being attacked with them.

They use their lungs for buoyancy

The manatees do not have to swim up and down in the sea for them to breath. Their lungs, which run along their backs, act as flotation tanks for them. The rib cages in a manatee have muscles that compress at intervals which reduces the volume of the lungs, as a result the body becomes denser.

Through this mechanism, the manatees can float even while asleep. Once they through with breathing, the rib cage muscles contract reducing the density of their bodies, and hence they can sink back into the water.

They never stop growing new teeth

Unlike human beings and other animals that only feed for some periods during the day or night, the manatees spend up to eight hours feeding. They are herbivorous and mainly feed on seagrass and other common sea vegetation. However, most of the aquatic vegetation that they feed on usually have tiny sand granules which lead to the wearing off their teeth. As the teeth become more worn out, they fall from the mouth.

However, you will never spot a toothless manatee as their molars are continually growing from the back, and once the front teeth fall, they push new teeth forward.

They eat up to 15% of their weight every day

It is important to note that an average manatee can weigh up to 1000 pounds. As they feed for long periods throughout the day, they can consume up to 150 pounds of food every single day. That is why human beings need to protect the waters so that there can be enough food for the manatees. Otherwise, these creatures will be made extinct by hunger.

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